Adwords (PPC)


At Triple R Marketing, we don’t do the classic approach when it comes to pay-per-click. We live in a world where data and technology changes by the day, so staying relevant when it comes to keywords is crucial in the success of your campaign. We want to ensure we are working as one to give your business the best shot at reaching its full potential.

When it comes to PPC, research is our forte. We want to know your target audience, what they’re going to be looking for and where they’re located. We will use applications such as Google Suggest along with other tools to research your business, find the current high-performing keywords being used in your industry and implementing them. We will even go the opposite and find the searched words that could negatively impact your results. At that point, we will have what we need to recognize potential customers. This will allow us to develop an aggressive, high-bid strategy that will produce the best results.

Why Quality Scores Matter

There is a lot of prominence when it comes to a quality score. With a high-quality score, you have the ability to increase your ad ranking and beat the competition on a smaller budget. Take a moment to watch this 8-minute video from Google Chief Economist Hall Varian. After watching, you should have a better understanding on how Adwords work, and why it’s crucial to hire an agency that understands the importance of creating a comprehensive campaign.

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