Chuck Norris the Competition in 2019 with Our Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business

  • Jan 19, 2019

Chuck Norris the Competition in 2019 with Our Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business


In a vast sea of competitors, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd -- especially as a small business. Roundhouse kick your competition in the face this year (Chuck Norris-style) with our seemingly simple, but extremely important, digital marketing tips for small businesses.


1. Find your niche and be a black belt at it.


People are overloaded with the amount of information they see on social media and are feeling fatigued by oversharing in a way we haven’t seen since the rise of sites like Facebook and Twitter around 2008. For that reason, people are paying less attention to their social channels than ever before -- and that means even less attention to the ads on those sites.


What do you do as a digital marketer to reach potential customers? The adage “the riches are in the niches” has never been more relevant that it is today.


It seems simple, but not many businesses do it well: cater to the niche. Instead of trying to reach a broad audience, find a really specific niche and target your content to the sites and channels where your customers will pay attention.


Everyone thinks they’re the best at what they do and everyone says they have great customer service. That won’t help you stand out. If you don’t know your specific value over your competitors, potential customers won’t know either. You have to find your edge in the market and who you’re going after.


How do you do that? You need to really understand your customer and what their pain points are and define a clear value proposition you can integrate into your digital marketing ads.


2. Do your reconnaissance.


Marketing expert Jeffrey Gitomer says about buying from a brand, “I have to like you before I buy from you.” Doing your reconnaissance about your target audience is crucial for getting to know their interests so you can develop content that is useful and interesting to them.


But how do you figure out what your customers like and where they will pay attention to your digital marketing? It may sound counter-intuitive, but you can actually find out where your audience is spending time online through your ads.


Google AdWords helps you target your ads to specific interests, demographics, and even locations based on the types of content people are looking at online. You can see which search queries people are typing in that get them to your ads and which websites your ads are showing up that are getting clicks. This can help uncover information about your target audience you may not have known before. You can then take those insights and incorporate them into a strategy for channels like Facebook to make your advertising efforts more effective.


As an example, if your business is creating a campaign for martial arts lessons, we can go into AdWords and see that your ads frequently appeared on websites about beard care (people who obviously want a lush, Chuck Norris beard) and that it was clicked frequently. Because you know that people who are interested in beard care are also interested in martial arts lessons, you can target multiple platforms with that information -- like people who are interested in beard balm on Facebook.


3. Pull the “talk trigger”.


Once you know more about your target audience, you can define a value proposition that is uniquely helpful and interesting to them.


Best-selling author Jay Baer talks about the importance of finding what he calls “talk triggers.” Talk triggers are differentiators that get customers to talk about you online. As an example, there’s a reason that the Cheesecake Factory’s menu is so large. In all of the top reviews for the restaurant chain, customers mention the size of the menu. It’s something unique that gets people talking.


Where are the voids in the market? How can you incorporate a unique service or something quirky into your business model? There are lots of opportunities to find your talk trigger.


Finding a targeted, niche value proposition for your digital marketing will help you create campaigns with strong, tailored website content that matches the interests of your audience. You can become the go-to company for their needs instead of trying to be everywhere. Because when you’re a small businesses with a limited budget, it just doesn’t make sense to try to be everywhere.


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