Find Your Captain Marvel: Market your business like the Avengers

  • Mar 12, 2019


The latest movie installment in the Marvel universe, Captain Marvel, has a surprising amount to teach us about marketing. (No spoiler alerts from the movie -- we promise!)


If you're at all familiar with the Marvel story (or if you’re not, a little background) you know that the Avengers are a group of superheroes brought together by a secret intelligence agency from Earth called S.H.I.E.L.D. The Avengers Initiative is a classified project initiated to defend Earth from imminent global threats by bring together a group of the most able individuals to act together as a response team. One of those Avengers, Captain Marvel, is S.H.I.E.L.D.’s powerful secret weapon.


But what does that have to do with marketing? A lot, actually.


How to market like the Avengers


Step 1: Identify the market need

S.H.I.E.L.D., like all businesses need to do, identified an important need -- that there were extraterrestrial threats too great for mankind to handle on their own and that they needed someone who could protect the human race from destruction.


This is where businesses have to start when it comes to marketing their products and services. And surprisingly, this is where many companies miss the mark. They assume they know the pain points their customers are having, but they don’t actually take the time to talk to them and truly understand their needs.


Start by ask yourself: What are pain points in my industry? Don’t just come up with things that you think are probably true. You need to find out what customers would actually say by asking them. Don’t just assume.


Too many businesses get caught up in trying to tout their own features and benefits, how long they’ve been around, or how awesome their customer service is. They focus too much on themselves, what they have to offer, and what they want to to say about their business. Customers are always going to be asking “what’s in it for me?” You need to be able to answer that quickly and succinctly.


Step 2: Find your Captain Marvel

The next step in marketing like the Avengers is finding your unique differentiator. What are you doing uniquely that none of the competition is doing?


For S.H.I.E.L.D, their unique differentiator is the Avengers -- and specifically for the most recent movie, Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel has powers that no one else does, which makes her uniquely able to address the need and protect Earth.


Sit down and spend some time coming up with the differentiator that will address the market needs and pain points you identified. Here are some questions that can help you think through it:

  • If the ideal client was sitting next to you and you had 10 seconds, what is the one thing you would want them to know about your company that will hook them and make them want to keep listening?
  • What will cause a customer to fill out a form, pick up the phone and call, or explore your website?
  • What is the one thing that’s going to grab someone’s attention enough for them to want to learn more about your business?
  • What are you providing that no one else in the industry is?

Remember as you work through this exercise not to come up with what you think your differentiator is. It needs to come from your research about pain points and market needs. In the back of your mind, you need to think of the customer and “what’s in it for me?”


Step 3: Solve the pain point

Now that you’ve identified key pain points and how you are uniquely positioned to address them, you can take your differentiator and solve the pain point that customers said they have.


Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson’s character), who is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., tells Captain Marvel in the latest movie, “We need you.” This is what you want your customers to say about your business and what you’re doing.


One of our mottos at Triple R is that the riches are in the niches, and it can’t be more true. When you can focus on a really specific niche and find voids, you can quickly fill them by marketing your key differentiator. By standing out and addressing the right need, you’ll get others to talk about your business. But if you’re doing the same thing as everyone else, you’ll just get lost in the noise.


Find your “I’m not what you think I am”


Captain Marvel says in the movie, “I’m not what you think I am.” Is your business’ messaging and marketing really unique? Let Triple R help you find the differentiator that will make your business your customer’s superhero. Contact us to learn more.


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