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We know that a lot goes into creating a coveted prospect and resident experience, while at the same time managing the day-to-day details. Back-and-forth emails with your communities on finding products, approving and tracking orders, making sure they are using the branding guides to maintain brand control in their communities…all these tasks are taking hours away from you and your site teams.

Welcome to a better way, no contracts, no monthly fees, no inflated shipping costs, no Fridays without donuts…

Vision is engineered to accomplish three areas for marketing directors and their teams in multi-family: Brand Control, Time Management, and Market Alignment.

We have no contracts and no monthly subscriptions. You'll have the advantage of buying power of 1500 communities, and end quantity pricing (EQP) from day one. So you get the best price, and can order what you need, when you need it. No warehouse necessary.

Also, we don't skew any of the manufacturers' part numbers. If you want to go and look up your golf shirt pricing online, you can.

We are extremely competitive on pricing because of the volume we do. And finally, we don't inflate shipping costs or promo items.

Our solution is engineered specifically for multi-family property management companies, so our features are unique and customized for the industry. We offers special features like tracking, budgeting and custom approval components.

In addition, our price structure of no contracts, no hidden fees and no inflated shipping is unique to the industry.

We are passionate about and dedicated to the day-to-day marketing, operations and communication between multi-family property management firms and properties, who have unique communication, operational, and ordering needs.

We want to be your #1 choice.

Typically, 2-3 business days, often quicker. We spent 14 months perfecting our internal processes to make this setup possible without breaking a sweat. We found that when a marketing director learns about us, they want the platform right away. Our mission is to make your job easier, and being the nerdy perfectionists we are, we gave ourselves the challenge of making this setup our standard for business. Thanks for asking!

Marketing directors have reported saving on average 4 hours per week by elimanting all the back-and-forth emails with their communities on finding products, approving and tracking orders.

Property managers have reported saving on average 30 minutes per week not having to spend time searching online for products, and then getting them approved.

We work with the multi-family and student housing industry.

No catch. We hate BS. Don't you? Our pricing is extremely competitive because of the volume we do with our 1500 properties on the platform and counting. We've structured our platform to earn your loyalty.

Our structure and “no-smoke” environment. You'll have the advantage of buying power from 1500 communities that are on our platform. No contracts or monthly fees. We pride ourselves in transparency.

Well, we strive to have none. But, not everyone can be everyone else's cup of tea. We are geared for people who are looking to save time while receiving a guaranteed best price.

If you manage a very small portfolio and prefer a more hands-on approach, if you like to order by phone and/or get 3-5 price quotes for every item you purchase, we may not be your people. The advantage of working with us is trust, transparency and efficiency—that you can be more hands-off with the details and still get best pricing, quality and availability of product.

  • When ordering, managing and tracking from 2 or more different supplier sites seems excessive.
  • When seeing pixelated company logos and social media graphics is no longer acceptable.
  • When you're ready to kiss inflated shipping rates and other surprise fees goodbye.
  • When you want to turn your storage warehouse into a yoga/meditation room.
  • When you're ready to give guidance to properties underspending or overspending on their budgets.
  • When you're tired of not having an employee recognition program for the wonderful people creating the resident experience.
  • When you're ready to say yes to transforming your job, saving up to 4 hours per week and doing your ordering, budgeting and approvals.

  1. Schedule a demo for VISION by Triple R Marketing. Say yes.
  2. Select a URL for your store.
  3. Share a Dropbox link with your artwork files.
  4. Complete a questionnaire for approval process and flow.
  5. Attend an introductory call on customer store setup - share staff names, review examples & receive changes.

We are a company that values transparency on every level. Our pricing structure reflects that: there are no hidden fees or contracts. You get all the benefits from your very first order.

We recover our cost in the volume we do, and deliver a superior service in the “how” we have set it up.

We've structured ourselves this way because we want to be your go-to source and have your properties use it. We are the only company offering this platform specific to the multi-family industry with extra industry-specific bells and whistles like tracking, approval and budgeting tools, and more.



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