Meet the Team


Matt Ruedlinger - The Trailblazer

Matt is an entrepreneur at heart and the fearless leader of Triple R Marketing, which he launched in 2005. He lives and breathes the customer experience and has presented on the topic at business expos and on podcast around the country. When he’s not geeking out over the latest superhero movie or watching the STL Cardinals play, he’s reading as many business books and articles as he can get his hands on.

Kati Rice - The Ringleader

Kati directs the work of the Triple R Marketing team and keeps projects running like a boss. If you need help with pretty much anything, Kati’s your woman. In her free time, she's probably wrangling her two boys, two cats, and dog with her high school sweetheart. She’s also a board game queen, so if decide to play, be prepared to lose.

Oliver Chwojiko - The Strategist

Oliver is our resident expert in all things paid search advertising. Really, that means he’s your modern-day Don Draper—but instead of selling to 1950s housewives, he’s boosting your search rankings and getting your ads in front of potential customers.

Michelle Leigh - The Visual Content Queen

Michelle is our graphic design lead, making marketing come to life through simple, eye-catching visual content. When she’s not making websites and advertising beautiful, you will probably find her outdoors, painting, or running -- possibly chasing after her three sons and two turtles.

Tori Lawhorn - The Wordsmith

Tori has a variety of responsibilities, including making sure the fresh content the marketing team creates is ready and available for the world to see. When she’s not wrangling projects, she’s most likely reading 1 of the 10 books she has checked out of the public library at any given time. Amazingly, she’s never had a single library fine…yet.

Mandy Kay - The Pam Beesly

Mandy makes sure the office keeps on swimming. Which is kind of perfect, because she’s based in the rainy Pacific Northwest with her husband and their two fur babies. She ensures all of our administrative procedures are in tip-top shape. In her free time, she likes to cook and bake. The results of her baking efforts may or may not rival the desserts you see on The Great British Bake Off.


Rachel Green - The Account Manager

Rachel (not the Rachel Green from Friends, as it turns out; we weren’t sure when we got her resume) is our strategic account manager, focused on helping companies find the best promotional and marketing solutions for their business. When she’s not in the office (or when she is), you’ll probably find Rachel in her Reds gear, talking smack to Cardinals-loving Matt and Cubs-loving Kati.


Matt Fitzwater - The Web Ninja

 Matt is highly-trained in the art of web design, and like a ninja in the night, he uses the stealthy web skills he’s gained over the past two decades to design and develop smoking-fast, user-friendly, accessible websites that roundhouse kick the competition. When he’s not building sites for some of the biggest names in business, you’ll find Matt tending to his family farm.