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Triple R Marketing is dedicated to providing high-quality, customized products for you and your event. Although we strive for perfection, we understand that mistakes happen! If we make a mistake, we will review the issue and do our very best to remedy the situation.

We are committed to offering top notch customer service, so please notify us within 48 hours of receipt if there is an issue with your order. No credits will be issued for returned merchandise without our prior consent.

If you have problems with your order, contact purchasing at orders@triplermarketing.com. A Return Authorization will be sent to you via email with the correct delivery address if you are instructed or approved to return the product(s). Please do not return merchandise to us without a Return Authorization or the product(s) will be refused.

We cannot accept any returned merchandise after 15 days from the date the invoice was created.

We cannot accept any returned or exchange apparel that was ordered in the wrong size.

Packages that have been returned to sender will be held for 15 calendar days. Reshipment fees will be assessed for delivery.

Returns are subject to manufacturers restocking fees.

Claims for merchandise damaged in transit must be handled by the shipping carrier. Triple R Marketing is held free and harmless from damages of this kind.

We want you to be satisfied with your order and enjoy your experience with us! Please feel free to contact our support team at any time, for clarification of these terms.

A Guaranteed Delivery Date is the date you will likely receive your order when choosing rush production and/or rush shipping times. The order must be finalized by the cutoff time (Noon Eastern Standard Time.) Fees for rush services will be refunded if an order misses the Guaranteed Delivery Date. However, merchandise remains subject to the Product Return Policy. If a Guaranteed Delivery Date is chosen by you for your order, we reserve the right to increase/ decrease either production or delivery times to meet that Guaranteed Delivery Date. Triple R Marketing attempts to produce and ship all guaranteed orders as quickly as possible to ensure each customer receives their order by that Guaranteed Deliver Date. If production time is shorter or longer than the customer chose, the delivery time will be adjusted accordingly to meet that Guaranteed Delivery Date.

Triple R Marketing will not be held liable for any specific damages or consequential claims that exceed the invoiced value of the merchandise purchased if the merchandise is not delivered on a specified date or is delayed in transit based on circumstances beyond our control. Delivery dates are “estimates” made in conjunction with freight carriers. “Guaranteed” dates are also considered estimates and should not be mistaken for an absolute in hands date. Although, we promise to meet production deadlines, Triple R Marketing is not responsible for delays due to our shipping carriers.

Once an order has been submitted to production, Triple R Marketing cannot guarantee that you will have the option to make changes or the ability to cancel your order. Applicable fees will be assessed to process any changes or a cancellation made at this point. Charge amounts depend on the extent of work already completed. We will advise you in writing of any and all costs incurred prior to making changes or cancellations with us. You will be responsible for payment of those charges without dispute.

If you cancel your order with Triple R Marketing prior to the commencement of production, you will be charged a fee for the work we have completed to place your order into production.

Triple R Marketing cannot always guarantee products will be fulfilled once an order has been approved. Some items contain limited quantities that make completion impossible. In these cases, Triple R Marketing has the complete discretion to cancel the order and perform a reverse funds transfer. If cancellation occurs, a Triple R Marketing representative will work with you to provide applicable product alternatives.

Please note: Orders are extremely difficult to change or cancel after you have approved your order. To request changes or to cancel your order, please contact purchasing at orders@triplermarketing.com.

Triple R Marketing payment terms are Net 30 days. Payment are due by the 30th day following receipt of invoice. Triple R Marketing reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 1½ % per month (18% per annum) on all invoices that are past due. Triple R Marketing also reserves the right to charge Applicant for the cost of collection of any past due invoices, including thirty percent (30%) attorney fee. Contact office@triplermarketing.com to request and application for terms.

Online web stores will be set up with discounted pricing. Discounting pricing structures can vary from EQP (end quantity pricing), reduced or waived setup fees, or overall volume discount savings that Triple R Marketing can pass along to clients due to volume. Patterns of late payments can result in forfeiting discounted pricing.

We work hard to keep our websites' pricing current. However, from time to time market conditions may change the price of a particular product. We reserve the right to change prices on the website at any time. If a site price is not correct on an item that you order, we will contact you at once with the current price or help you choose a different item, if you prefer.

Triple R Marketing is registered and required to collect sales tax for shipment into the following states: Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas

A state-appropriate sales tax exemption may be submitted. This documentation should be provided to our office prior or at the time of purchase. All forms should be completed in full. Triple R Marketing reserves the right to reject any form that raises the question of legitimacy. Triple R Marketing is unable to reimburse sales tax once an order has been approved.

TYour use of any of our website following revisions, updates and any other changes to our Privacy Policy, constitutes your consent to any policy changes. Please review this policy regularly for updates.

All trademarks, product and company names, logos, service marks and trade dress shown, cited or indicated on our website, is the property of their respective owners, and solely used by Triple R Marketing to illustrate the production capabilities of our company or other companies that produce the respective merchandise exhibited on our sites. You are not permitted to display or use the displayed trademarks, product or company names, logos, service marks or trade dress of others shown on our websites, in any manner without express written permission from the owners.

Use or misuse of trademarks, product and company names, logos, service marks and trade dress or other items contained on our websites, unless legally permitted, is expressly prohibited.

You, individually, or any company ordering custom, imprinted products or design work from Triple R Marketing, warrants and represents that you are the sole legal owner or licensee of all rights, including copyright, to each trademark, logo, statement or any other intellectual property included in the design that you instruct us to imprint on the merchandise you order. You also warrant that the designs you approve for reproduction are in accordance with the guidelines of the owner of the trademark or logo. You warrant and represent that no part of the design violates or infringes upon the rights of any person or entity, and that there are no restrictions or rights of any kind or nature that would prevent Triple R Marketing from legally reproducing the images or text that you submit. You agree to defend, at your sole expense, any claim, lawsuit or proceeding brought against Totally Promotional for reproduction of the trademarks, logo or written information that you supply to us, which causes wrongful use of any copyright, trademark or other right of any third party. Triple R Marketing shall not be held liable for the unauthorized, improper or illegal use of any logo or trademark that is imprinted on promotional products purchased from us. Triple R Marketing will not accept liability for the actions of customers who have misrepresented their ownership of licenses or trademarks. You agree to indemnify and hold Triple R Marketing harmless from any loss or damage associated with any such claim, lawsuit or proceeding.

We reserve the right to request written permission from the owner of all copyrighted or trademarked materials before reproducing them for your order. We also reserve the right to refuse your order, at our sole discretion, if it appears the final product would violate applicable laws. Failure on our part to obtain legal permission to reproduce copyrighted or trademarked materials could result in legal action by the owner of the copyrighted or trademarked materials.

We also reserve the right to refuse subject matter that is deemed by us to contain derogatory, inflammatory or objectionable remarks, symbols or images. Examples of these include derogatory, inflammatory or objectionable content about an individual or a group's race, religion, physical attributes, national origin, sexual preference, or content that contains profanity or pornography.

Products may be discarded during the manufacturing process that do not meet our factories' high standards. Sometimes extras are produced to ensure enough properly imprinted pieces to fill your order. We invoice for the exact quantity shipped. Usually the range is between 5 percent under and 5 percent over, but for certain products it can be 10 percent or higher. After your order ships, Triple R Marketing will adjust your invoice or credit your account or credit card for the exact quantity delivered to you. Please be sure to order a large enough quantity in case there is an under shipment. This will ensure that you will receive an adequate quantity of products for your needs.

We cannot be held liable or in breach of contract via force majeure, an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled, such as an act of God. Results of force majeure may include production or delivery delays. Examples of force majeure, without limitation, include acts of God, criminal acts, worker strikes, health epidemics, lockouts, riots, power failure, water shortage, weather conditions, fire or earthquake.

All information we receive will remain confidential and not be shared by us, unless required by law.



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